Dulin Thast


Not much is known about me before the age of five other than I was found wandering at a very young age by an archmage who kept to himself. He noticed a level of understanding and intelligence far above my age so he took me in and apprenticed me, teaching me what I needed to know to assist him throughout his daily spells and studies.

I took great advantage of the access to his library and found many spellbooks that I found useful, some I could barely understand and others I could not read at all. I increased in skill far more than I let my master realize but showed just enough ambition and talent to keep myself in his good graces and to impress him.

All along I suspected that he knew more about the the circumstances of my birth than he let on. My only interaction with the world outside of his tower was on my weekly trips to the city of Neverwinter and from these trips I gained a terrible outlook on the world. I was forbidden to use spells outside of the tower and so, being a frail, small human, I was subject to mockery and abuse from city thugs and bullies.

More often than not I was robbed for all I had, and was forced to spend the night working in an inn to make up for what I had lost to avoid chastisement from my master which normally would include beatings. My bitter outlook on life drove me to desire power over the very people who looked down on me and mocked me.

They would have no idea what I was capable of. One day I discovered while eavesdropping on my master, that my parents had been poor farmers and had given shelter to my master during a horrible storm on one of his mysterious travels. Apparently he had been very impressed with the potential he saw in me and had killed my parents and kidnapped me to serve him for whatever sinister purpose he had. I suspected that he had planned to feed from my life force to prolong his life.

I realized that he had been keeping me weak by draining me and had solely used me for his own purpose. Never suspecting that I had such a high understanding of this level of spell, one night I switched his life-drain ring with a decoy and feigned sleep. That night as he tried to drain me while he thought I slept, I jumped out of bed, pinning him in the middle of his casting state to the floor and shoved the ring deep into his forehead, draining his entire life force and leaving nothing but a withered shell on the floor.

I then took up his spell book, and a magical staff he kept hidden in his room, packed my things and left, not knowing where I would end up but knowing that I would never again let anyone use me and that I would strive with the remainder of my life to become the most powerful arch-mage the world had ever seen and raise myself to heights previously unseen.

Dulin Thast

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