Curnach is home to the northern most tribe of the barbarians, Frosteater Clan. Living daily in the shadows of the Skycleve Mountains, formed by powerful earthquakes during the sundering of the world. Harsh winds rip down from the peaks year round, lowering the temperature for miles.

Living in such harsh consitions has given the members of the Frosteater clan incredible vitality and garners them Cold resist 5/-. This tribe is patriarchal in nature, though the women are strong home leaders. Warriors are selected and trained year round as their only task is war. Those who fall out become hunters, and lead strong females into the woods during gathering excursions

The Leader of the Tribe is referred to as the Ram, and is a strong leader. He is promoted to Ram only after leading 5 successful assults and then must battle to the death in a bare hands brawl to ursurp the current ram. Anyone attempting to become Ram without meeting these requirements will be viciously overthrown by the whole tribe.

The current Ram is Rochad the Hammer, a powerful barbarian with arms like a bear, corded muscles and a height that mocks even trolls. Rochad the Mountain would be more appropriate. Wise and powerful, Rochad is a voice of wisdom, and level headed at all times.


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