The Council Bluffs

The Council Bluffs are where the four barbarian tribes meet yearly to hold Smirvelin, a four day event including contests of strength, marriages and feasts, though the main purpose of Smirvelin is for the elders to discuss Tribal Laws and rulings.

The Council Bluffs are at the norther edge of Half Moon plains, the Largest bluff rising several hundred feet higher than the rest. It was selected by the Tribal barbarians as it was an open area, large enough to hold four tribes, it offered great defenses and an uncanny view of the surrounding plains to the south and dense woodlands to the north bordering the skycleave mountains, 20 miles north.

During the time of Smirvelin, the tribes erect make shift villages with communal living areas. Each tribe is given an equal area, seperate from the other tribes but not by much. in the center is a traders tent, a gladitorial ring, a feast hall made from skins contributed by all four tribes and the elders hall, which is decorated with the rarest skins from legendary fights.

The most unique being the great leather panels still containing the bones of Hrastfellden, an ancient white dragon defeated by the combined might of the four tribes. the great wings have been used in the construction of the elders hall for over one hundred years.

The Council Bluffs

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