Zirbat is home to the barbarian tribe known as the Deepblood tribe, whose beleifs include a deeply spiritual relationship with the earth and the stars. The Deepbloods are the keepers of history for all Smirvelin sessions, all writings stored in magically protected caves.

Zirbat houses roughly 30 families, divided into groups. Each group of families is assigned duties for the overall survival of the tribe as a whole.

Groups, their responsibilities and leaders

  1. Strongbacks – Construction and farming – Furbode Hornhead
  2. Swiftrunners – Scouting and hunting – Wingless Eagle
  3. Heartshields – Defense of area and youth training – Aisling of the Shield
  4. Slayers – Elite warriors who hunt rare prey and lead assaults on enemies – Brenan heartseeker
  5. Stormforgers – Crafting weapons and armor – Gredd sparkshower

Zirbat is arranged on a central circle, with branch roads that lead to the living areas of the tribe.

3 2 O 4 1 5

Each area is built much the same way, each housing area, surrounding a central building(s)

The groups all have one overall leader, who acts as a voice in the council of elders, which is lead by one barbarian, referred to only as Darkblood. The Darkblood is selected by the leaders of all the family groups, and then must face the Anvil, a Tradition shrouded in secrets that has broken many strong warriors, either physically or mentally, sometimes both. The Anvil is such a dangerous undertaking that it only happens at Smirvelin, and only if the nominee is found acceptable by all four tribes.

In the center of the village is a cave, built deep into the earth, where the Darkblood lives along with the reader of smoke, a shaman like barbarian, who studies smoke to fortell the future. Around the entrance to the cave are the supply tents, a sparring area, an obstacle course and the shrine to Meilikki, Godess of nature and strength of character.


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