Shanks LeRoux

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Name: Shanks LeRoux
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Back story

Shanks was born into the Le Roux clan as the 15th generation heir. The Le Roux ’s were the founders of a school for martial discipline. His father pressed him into training by the age of 6. So great was his ability even at that age it was often said “He could fight before he could crawl.” The Le Roux family heirs were trained and disciplined harshly their concentration needed to be super human for them to wield the Kitetsu. Kitetsu was the families sword and it was a sword only a Le Roux could wield any other that held the blade would slowly be driven insane by hallucinations and voices.

Although Shanks took to the training well he became arrogant in his school and brash. He often challenged students 3 and 4 years his senior and beat them. This just fueled the fire of his arrogance. At the age of 18 when his father passed the sword on to him, he grinned. “With this weapon I will prove that I AM the best swordsman the world has ever seen.” His father warned him against his arrogance and reminded him that his place was to teach and defend their town.

“Maybe you are happy here being the biggest fish in this tiny pond father, but I am meant for greatness.” Shanks mumbled quietly , and the next day he packed and left the town under the cover of darkness. This upset his father greatly especially as Shanks had taken the Kitetsu with him. His father knew what would happen if that weapon fell into the wrong hands and he feared it. He sent men after Shanks to bring him back, to do all but kill him if they had to. They returned one after the other, broken and beaten but living. One had a note on him, when he arrived he delivered it to Shanks’ father. It read:

“Hello Father,
I hope this finds you well! Your men have failed again as was to be expected. Do not worry I will not let the Kitetsu leave my hands even if I die! Let any man try and they will fail. Just like your men did.
_ After I have proven myself and our school the greatest then and only then will I return, and we will have more disciples then you ever thought possible! Our school will grow and our families name will be heard of even in the heavens!_
-Your son, Shanks"

And so Shanks traveled from place to place seeking out the greatest swordsmen he could find in each town, to learn from the challenge and defeat them! Four years he has traveled and recently he heard rumors of a great swordsman in the Blackstone Citadel. Tonight he looks up to the stars and smiles. “My name will reach the heavens.”

Shanks LeRoux

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