Cursed Katana owned by the LeRoux

weapon (melee)

Heirloom Item: Kitetsu -
Masterwork Large Mithril Katana
2d6+1 DMG
Level 1 – +1 enhancement atk/dmg
Mithral Metal
Half weight, Silvered Property for DMG resistance

Encounter Power
Untouchable – As a free action, Make an opposed attack roll when the target of any melee attack. If your attack result is higher, you parry and counter for standard weapon damage. You may trade places with the target.

Daily Power
True Strike – +20 to next attack roll

Level 2 – +1 bonus to AC when fighting someone wielding a sword of any type.
Keen Edge: Increases threat range 17-20


Level 32 enhancement atk/dmg, +2 bonus to AC when fighting someone wielding a sword of any type
Speed Weapon
When making a full attack action, the wielder of a speed weapon may make one extra attack with it. The attack uses the wielder’s full base attack bonus, plus any modifiers appropriate to the situation. (This benefit is not cumulative with similar effects, such as a haste spell.)
Thundering Weapon – 1d8 extra damage on crit, roll 14 fort or creature is deafened permanently

Level 4 – +3atk/
3ac when fighting someone wielding a sword of any type
Blistering Cold Weapon
Upon command, a Cold weapon is sheathed in frost. The frost does not harm the wielder. The effect remains until another command is given. A Frost weapon deals an extra 2d6 points of Cold damage on a successful hit.

Level 5 – +3 enhancement atk/dmg
Soulbound: This enchantment is much like Returning though with fewer limitations. A weapon with the Soulbound enchantment is magically linked to the soul of a single individual and can be summoned by that individual from any distance and any plain of existence. Calling a Soulbound weapon takes a single move action unless the wielder has the Quickdraw feat, which enables the wielder to call the weapon as a swift action.


Heirloom Katana: Kitetsu
Masterwork Mithril Katana: 2d6+1

Description: Black laqured sheathe with a red diamonds painted along the side. The hilt of the weapon is wrapped in alternating red and black with a gold pommel at the back to secure it. Off the pommel a golden chain hangs off it with a small golden dragon hand carved attached.
The blade is blackened mithril folded thousands of times to a razor sharp edge. The temper wavy line to the edge is blood red.

The legend of the sword is long. It has seen many battles and has taken many lives however I shall share the key points:

The sword “Kitetsu” was forged by the founder of the Setting Sun Style. Sereth Le Roux founded the school to teach the art of the sword to his town. They were often attacked by bandits or barbarians trying to raid the village. One day a strange man from a far away land he simply called “The East” came to the village. He had no money and was starving. Sereth took him in and fed him provided him a place to live. The man was fascinated by the sword style Sereth had created and taught. He said it felt like home and where they came from they called it “The Sublime Way”.

He was so impressed he decided to forge for Sereth a blade unmatched using the blacksmithing techniques from his hold land. He took the strange Mithral or the village had and folded it thousands of times hardening it and giving it an unparralled edge. Sereth loved the blade and it became his personal weapon of choice. He passed it down generation to generation.
During the 4th generation the blade was stolen and disappeared. It took many lives. It was no longer used for the noble purpose of defense. It claimed the lives of many innocents. The blade was tarnished and no longer pure.

The Le Roux family spent almost all their resources to secure the weapon and return it to where it belonged. They finally succeeded by the 6th generation of the family. The current held finally having retrieved the blade smiled and held it. As he unsheathed the blade it felt cold very different from the pure warmth that his great grandfather had told him about. Then he heard the whispers. Something evil was within the blade. Unsure of what to do with it he placed it into a display case in his room and left to think on it.
An apprentice snuck into his room on a dare from the others as a test of courage. The boy saw the blade and was intrigued it was beautiful and he had never seen the master use it before. He slowly opened the display case and pulled the sword out.

He screamed and unsheathed the sword. The other boys who had dared him ran in. The apprentice yelled “Demons why are there demons” He flung the sword around wildly. An older boy approached him to calm him down. The younger met eyes with him a look of shear and utter fear and lunged. The sword slid through the older boy. The boy looked down at the sword now protruding from his chest and slowly looked up and met eyes with the apprentice. “So…. Cold” he collapsed to the floor.

Le Roux hearing the commotion burst back into the room and disarmed the apprentice. The apprentice looked up at him terror and tears in his eyes. “There were demons everywhere one of them attacked me!” he pointed ahead at the crumpled boy of the boy on the floor. “Riley… why is rile..?” Attendants came into the room and slowly carried the boy away. Le Roux looked at the blade and slowly slide it back into it’s sheathe….

“This blade can never leave our sides….” From then on almost with paranoia the blade is kept at the side of the current leader of the Le Roux family.


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